Next Steps & Moving Forward

So we’ve established that there is a big, exciting idea here. But what are the first/next steps?

Should we imagine a web interface?
Sketch up some logic flow charts for the theoretical aggregation of data?
Secure some kind of funding for the project?
Partner with a media group, or a news agency?
Network with interested and affected parties?
Research similar working models to reference?
Start generating content?

I don’t think there is really a right or wrong first direction when tacking a big new idea. What is important is choosing a direction and DOING something. I can be intimidating to think of all of the different facets that eventually will need to be addressed. In choosing a direction and answering questions along the way, some of the different concerns will be addressed – so it isn’t really valuable to fret about all of the items on the growing list of “To Do.”

So what are some actions that ARE happening?

So far: a lot of research, a lot of taking and a lot of thinking

What are some valuable formats of information dissemination I can analyse to determine what would or wouldn’t work for OpenCan?

Getting in touch with different people with valuable and interesting viewpoints. Academics, journalists, artists, hackers…
So far I have had some interesting input from creative writer and journalist Marc Cameron (@thelastessayist) and new media artist David Bouchard. Marc had some really valuable insight as to how to keep this project scalable in it’s infancy so as to not aim so high off the start that OpenCan never gets off the ground, while David (who is teaching a New Media course I am taking at Ryerson) introduced me to and suggested that I network with local, well, hacks and hackers.
Tomorrow I plan to get some more journalism brains thinking about this project when meeting up with Shannon Leigh Busta (@Busta_) who is an MA Journalism student at Ryerson.

This part is self explanatory. If someone has (healthy) tips on how to turn this off when trying to sleep, it would be much appreciated.



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