So things have changed again.

I was recently discussing building iterations based on defining a very specific end user. It is a great idea, and a useful approach to building, well, anything. However, the initial users I was considering turned out to not be the most helpful for my final MozNewsLab pitch.

Wish I had thought of this earlier, but it’s not really a huge obstacle.

So today I am thinking all about the MozNewsLab partners: Al Jazeera English, BBC,, Guardian UK, and Zeit Online.

One of my first bits of confusion come from the idea that all of these organizations are major news corportations. Don’t they need to make money off of these kind of endeavours? I’d love to think that these partners are participating simply to make a better future for online journalism – but I can’t help but assume that these organizations would be most interested in not only the most innovating projects, but also the most profitable.

I don’t know if this assumption should change my approach to assembling a final project pitch, but it does. I’ll undoubtedly consider benefits like profitability, brand awareness and traffic in discussing my final project pitch.

So time to brain dump a heap of thoughts surrounding my project in consideration of this new audience….

– Ability for other sites, blogs, etc to embed the narrative visualisation
– Note: visualisation and relevant content is stored on local servers, so interactions with embedded narrative visualisation is really interaction with the MozNewsLab partner, not the site it is embedded on.

– Benefits: bend awareness increases as branded narrative visualisation is proliferated, opportunity for ad revenue greatly increases if ads are incorporated into the narrative visualisation platform, increased probability of greater number of unique visitors

– Able to solicit citizen journalist’s participation in building news stories

– Journalists have ability to use platform as a private narrative building/organisation tool, or as a public/collaborative news building and gathering tool.


…. that’s It for now. We’ll see what comes up at #MozNewsLabTO.


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