(First) Video Prototype

Here is my first attempt at a video prototype. This is/was part of my submission to the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership (MoJo) project.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/24805186]

After the first MoJo class, presented by Aza Raskin, I’m realizing that this is far from the last prototype I am going to make, but that making this video prototype really is a huge help in communicating my idea to thew world.

Unsurprisingly, my plan/idea/project here has changed where this video is not longer a precisely accurate example of what I hope to create. However, many of the elements are the same, and it is all still working towards making news on the web more credible, reliable and meaningful.

The next MoJo class is about a half hour away, so I am going to grab some food before getting back down to learning.

Today, Burt Herman will be leading the course. “Burt is going to share with us his experiences, from journalist with the Associated Press to founder of an award-winning journalism tech start-up, Storify.com.  You can read more about Burt Herman’s work here: http://www.burtherman.com/ and you should take the opportunity to register for Storify so that you’re familiar with the product:http://storify.com/

Very awesome.


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