I don’t know anything. (And why you should be jealous.)

In so many ways I still have no idea if what I am thinking about and taking about is even possible. Well, I am sure that it is possible, just not necessarily in the way I think it might be possible. What I am really saying here is that I am aware that I do not currently have the technical experience to explain how what I am imagining is possible or how it would be created.

One of the awesome things that I took from the MozNewsLab this week is that this is completely okay, and even kind of expected. I’m not going to have all of the answers right away. And, if I thought that I had everything I needed, and knew how to do everything I wanted to do, I would not be very receptive to suggestions and constructive criticism. In many ways, coming into the MozNewsLab as an “ideas guy” while teaching myself how to code from scratch along the way is a blessing. In this initial development stage of this project, my lack of programming knowledge helps me dream as big as I can – I have no preconceptions of what I think can’t be done. I can simply sketch out and mock up an idea that is designed specifically for the purposes of making information consumed of news stories more credible, verifiable and valuable to the readers.

If I can imagine the most awesome tits, so many other components fall into place with ease.

Wait. I’m referencing way out of context here.

One of the things that really struck me about Aza Raskin‘s lecture was the value of prototyping. Through a reference to an online comic, Aza’s summary of the value of prototypes was that prototypes are like tits of software development. (Or something like that.)

The bit he talked about where the audience at a conference lost their minds over what they thought to be a software demo presentation which was really a series of illustrated screen shots highlighted the importance of being able to visually communicate your concept. I think I partly already knew this, as I felt it necessary to make a video for my MozNewsLab pitch. (I also had no idea how to really communicate my idea in text.)

Perhaps there are more videos to come in the future as I progress through these initial development stage. (Who am I kidding, OF COURSE there are going to be more videos!)

Wait what? I am out of words and I’ve only addressed the first lecture? Damn.

I don’t think I was super efficient with all of those words up there. Hope all the journalist types will still let me sit with them at their e-table during our digital lunch breaks.


I know that I am supposed to be responding to the whole week of in one post, but the amount of notes I take from each lecture should really exist as its own post. I think I shall write at least one post for each MozNewsLab lecture and then write some kind of a summary of all for my official weekly blog post.


4 thoughts on “I don’t know anything. (And why you should be jealous.)

  1. I Corbin. I’m in the same boat as you. An idea person with little programming knowledge. Like you, I am learning myself. Best of luck to you.

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