The Value of Open Collaboration

One of my main goals must be “create an open and expandable platform as possible.” The more people can modify, customize, alter and expand on what I create, the more likely it will be widely adopted and successful.

When you have one person making, remixing and remaking a closed product, the time to arrive at any trial-and-error best solution is exponentially more than when you have a multitude of people simultaneously making, remixing and remaking an open product.

If we can bring many people together and fail a whole bunch at something, we’ll eventually get something right a hell of a lot faster than one person doing everything on his or her own.

So let’s open up our work, share with anyone who is interested, and get some sweet sweet collaboration goin’.


This post came to me somehow after reading Alexandra Samur’s post “#MozNewsLab week one: Prototyping, engaging, and iterating’“.

Also, here is a great TED talk video which discusses the value of trial-and-error as a problem solving method.


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