A Few Good Steps Backwards.

The frustrating thing about my project is that there are so many independent elements which need to exists and work together for the project to come together as a whole.

Well, rather than looking at “the whole” and getting frustrated, I have to focus on one element, figure out how to make it work, and then step back to see how it can fit with the rest of project.

The question is: where to start?

What if I am able to put something together that is completely incompatible with the technology needed to include the other elements? “Oh well,” is what I’ll have to say, and then get back at it. Waiting until everything is perfectly aligned before getting down to work is silly. Things are going to go wrong. It’s better for me to just get down to getting things done and mess up along the way, rather than thinking about what could go wrong and doing nothing at all.

So what to start on could be anything, really.

For me though, it makes the most sense to start where I can best communicate what the hell I am trying to do. (Seeing as I have recently discussed the importance of being able to effectively communicate your ideas to differing groups.)

I want to first build a platform where multiple elements (imagine squares) can be visually arranged and re-arranged in a number of ways based on tags/metadata assigned to each element. The arrangement of the elements is determined by the user’s selection of filtering variables.

I’ll elaborate and add some kind of hypothetical example in the next post.


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