Electoral Reform

Right, so this is the first ever OpenCan collection.
It’s going to be rough, dirty, and poorly organized at first. But it’s a start.

I think it’s essential for OpenCan to identify an all-encompassing question to answer, so as to have a framework to work with when assessing appropriate information to collect.

So, how about: “Does Canada need electoral reform?

From this question, I’ll have to expand the investigation and find answers to more specific questions:

  • Does Canada need electoral reform if ……
What the if should be will help give some concrete parameters by which to evaluate the data collected. Simply asking “does X need Y” or “should A do B” isn’t going to help anyone as a value judgement is needed before even beginning to search for data.
I’ll have to talk/think this one out to determine what the “if” statement are going to be.
…to be continued.

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